About Us

Parish Mission:

Cherishing our Roman Catholic tradition, our ethnic cultures, our family unity, and our religious practices, the community of Saints Peter and Paul places great value in our faith in a loving God. Our lives are guided by the example of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the celebration of the Eucharist is central to our values and our worship. We rely on the power of prayer and trust in God’s abiding help. Because we believe in the goodness of God which resides in each person, we revere and witness a sense of personal responsibility to prayer, compassion, forgiveness, and Christian service.

We believe these values of Christ must be the heartbeat of our parish and should be passed from generation to generation.

Our call to live the Gospel message challenges each of us to reach out offering a reconciling hand to all while inviting back those who no longer feel a part of a faith community. Realizing the strength of a people united in faith, we strive toward a greater Catholic presence within the community. Through our oneness in God, we seek to enhance our understanding of other religious traditions to bring unity among us in a time of diversity and separatism.

We call ourselves to a renewed commitment to expand our response to total parish Christian Formation and Education. We commit ourselves to responsive action against oppression and environmental erosion. We strive for the betterment of life and the reality of peace. We challenge ourselves to build human integrity, inclusiveness, and equality.

With deeply felt enthusiasm, faith-filled relationships’ communal prayer, co-operative parish responsibility, and a celebrating Eucharistic people, we will build our vision.

This is our vision…
This is our dream…
This is what we are called to live…